Having lived with cats for a considerable number of years it is obvious they would become the subjects of some of my mosaics.

Our first cat Tigger was killed on the road and we acquired a beautiful little tabby cat from a friend and named her Bonnie.

She had two litters of kittens. From the first we kept the last-born whom we named Clyde. From the second litter we kept the only boy and named him Bugsy. All have since died. Bonnie a number of years ago, Bugsy at the age of 17 in 2002 and Clyde at the age of 18 at the end of 2003. They are all sadly missed.

The first portrait tackled was of Clyde. I then completed a painting of Bugsy in acrylic rather than mosaic, but have since used it as the basis of a small mosaic. I have done portraits of the two brothers and one of Bonnie and also of a friend's cat called Whiskey.